The Consortium

AIDED is the result of a collaboration of two academic institutions (CITY, RMA) and three SMEs (SPACEAPPS, SPECTRAL, SPH).

SPACEAPPS has a baggage of knowledge in the development of sensor fusion algorithms as well as a history of collaboration with CITY and RMA in the development of autonomous multi-robot collaborative systems within the PRO-ACT and ICARUS projects. While CITY brings AI research expertise to the table, RMA is the partner having expertise in the defence research, together with the field specific standards and regulations. SPH is a well-known UAV control company with strong experience in the usage of GPR systems and SPECTRAL is a spectrometer system integration provider that has a name in the adaptation of system for specific applications.

Space Applications Services is an independent Belgian company founded in 1987, with head office in Zaventem, Belgium, an office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands and a subsidiary in Houston, USA. Its aim is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products, and provide services to the aerospace, security markets and related industries. Space Applications Services’ activities cover manned and unmanned spacecraft, earth observation, science, exploration, communications, launch/re-entry vehicles, air traffic management, robotics and a wide range of technology developments.
The City University of London (CITY) is a global university. City currently has over 18,000 students (46% at postgraduate level) from more than 160 countries and staff from over 75 countries. More than 130,000 former students from over 180 countries are members of the City Alumni Network. City has been educating students in London since 1894. We joined the University of London federation in 2016. We develop world leading research which responds to issues of global concern, attract talented staff and students from around the world and are part of a global community of alumni, employers and partners.
The Royal Military Academy is a military institution of university education responsible for the academic, military and physical training of future officers, and for the continuing advanced training of officers during their active career in the Defence department. Two units are participating to AIDED :
- The Belgian military demining brigade DOVO has nearly a century of experience as an EOD team. Due to its vast experience in the domain, the DOVO team is often sent out internationally to assist in crisis operations.
- The Robotics & Autonomous Systems unit of the Department of Mechanics of the Belgian Royal Military Academy is a research laboratory specialized in the design, development and control of unmanned systems, both unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles. The lab conducts research in varied domains, ranging from very fundamental aspects to the development of prototype products. Research activities include not only military robotics, but also robotics for crisis management operations and humanitarian demining.
SPECTRAL Industries is a high-tech company, founded in 2015, that develops unique optical sensor systems for non-contact chemical analysis. We apply our very robust and sensitive instrument platform for demanding industrial applications. Applications range from food to medical and from mining to recycling. SPECTRAL realizes new products by combining academic and practical knowledge and cooperating intensively with high-tech parties around the globe. We focus on realizing unique solutions, where the combination of robustness, mobility and accuracy is of paramount importance.
Scientific spectroscopy is a common tool in laboratories next to the production facilities. Based on sample taking, the production is monitored by these instruments. SPECTRAL envisions these labs will become redundant, as most analysis will take place in-line, during production. This does not require new knowledge – it requires the development of instruments based on existing technology that can operate in a 24/7 harsh environment.
SPH Engineering, Ltd1. (Latvia) is a worldwide well recognized company working in Unmanned Systems (drones) industry. The company was founded in 2013 and have mobilized software and hardware experts to work on various custom solution and unmanned system integration projects. SPH Engineering has experience with most of the technologies and products available currently in the market and has both technical and research capability to combine and adapt accessible solutions to provide functionality desired by customer. The team has in depth knowledge for Micropilot, Kestrel, Mikrokopter, Microdrones, 3DR Pixhawk/APM, DJI A2/Wookong-M/Naza-M V2/Vision+/P3/Inspire/Matrice, Ace One, ArDrone and other autopilots. Expertise portfolio includes projects for custom payloads for Lockheed Martin Indago VTOL and other UAVs, custom hand held UAV controllers and similar projects. The fields of applications include but are not limited to Power Line Monitoring, Agriculture, Hydrography, 3D Reconstruction, Mapping and Mining, Scientific research, Aerial Surveying, Security and others.