• Heterogeneous terrestrial and aerial robots, with AI for cooperatively detecting explosive devices

  • Robotics & AI tools for the identification of conventional and unconventional explosive devices

  • Capability to autonomously plan offline and run-time mission plans

  • Quickly identify a safe passage route in a high risk area

The Project

The AIDED project will develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for the detection of explosive devices. AIDED will use a set of state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms able to identify unconventional (IEDs) and conventional (buried mines) explosive devices, and autonomously plan offline and run-time missions plans.

AI-Machine Learning techniques such as deep learning will be designed & trained using simulated & outdoor data sets for the detection of Explosive Ordnance using heterogeneous sensor data. AIDED will also develop an AI-based Centralized & decentralized mission planning system to coordinate a swarm of small and medium heterogeneous robots (land and aerial) that are capable of working cooperatively towards the goal of detecting Explosive Ordnance that are on the surface, buried or hidden. 

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